About  Us

Al Jamiaa Company was founded on the basis of high quality principals in manufacturing plastic packaging and stowing fields. Taking into our account the rapid developments and growth along with the increase of the competitive environment in the sector of plastic packing industries, where the Company carries out  manufacturing such products in  its own integrated plant, which is located in Iraq – Baghdad. The processes of manufacturing are made under strict hygienic regulations and conditions together with the adoption of the latest cutting-edge technologies. 

In these days, we are witnessing integrations and consolidations in the world of trade as well as the incompetence of borders among countries. The Company already proved that it is a reliable manufacturer of the products related to the sector of supplying materials and packing made of plastics, Al Jamiaa Company established the principles of the operations and yet works on the basis of customers’ satisfactions, as the Company is fully aware that these basics are the most valuable matters as this is its long term purposes and aims.

Not only high qualities are provided, but also the high qualities of the services are rendered accordingly while dealing with customers. As for earning profits yielded from the activities, which are considered an inevitable necessity since such profits are devoted to support the continuation of our Company growth and to step forward to better situations.

However, the continuation and mutual developed relations with customers in all conditions will remain the objectives that the Company maintains and gives the priority to do so as always.

All basic principles indicated above, and the controls as well as improvement of these principles are the philosophy that the company is practicing and adopting, moreover, will not waive such basic principles any way.

Our Company carries out packing of foodstuff products in accordance with the regulations and provisions of the laws applicable and customers’ requirements, taking into consideration the safety of such foodstuff products.